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Basic commands

  • filter with a protocol: <protocol name>
  • filter with a word: <protocol name> contains <word>
  • filter with an (destination or source) ip: ip.addr == <address>
  • filter with a destination ip: ip.dst == <address>
  • filter with a source ip: id.src == <address>
  • filter with a port: <protocol name>.<port number>
  • filter with tcp analysis: tcp.analysis
  • filter with tcp flag analysis: tcp.analysis.flags
  • filter with http requests: http.request
  • filter with an http response status code:
    http.response.code == <response status code>
  • filter with a tcp flag: tcp.flags.<flag name> == <value>
  • or operator: || (alternative or)
  • and operator: && (alternative and)
  • not operator: ! (alternative not)
  • equal operator: == (alternative eq)
  • example combination of rules (in this case remove arp, icmp and dns protocol):
    !(arp or icmp or dns)
  • filter with a (tcp/udp/tls/http) stream: right click on a packet ==> follow ==> stream
    (equivalent of <protocol name>.stream == <number>)
  • tcp flags here
  • http(s) response status codes here